Discovering the Cause

Obamacare by mandate, providing Medicare Advantage and Medicaid to uninsured Americans as an entitlement for the poor will enrich insurance companies and Big Pharma and bankrupt our economy.

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Healthcare Reform

Roger H Strube, MD

Discovering the Cause and Cure for

America’s Health Care Crisis.


A physician’s memoir.

By Roger H. Strube, M.D.

With foreword by Wesley Wallace, M.D.

Cover art by Rijalynne Saari-Perez

Discovering the Cause and the Cure for America’s Health Care Crisis is written for the lay person providing an explanation of our health care financing system and medical decision making process. It explores those factors that contribute to our financial and quality of care crises. I present the way out of the crisis and the vision for the future reformed health care system. A presentation of Dr. Deming’s continuous quality improvement Fourteen Points and Seven Deadly Diseases are applied to our health care system in the Appendix.

The target audience are those folks most troubled by our health care system and the politicians they elect. Real reform requires an informed public and a public that demands our leaders are held accountable to change our broken health care system. Discovering the Cause and the Cure for America’s Health Care Crisis provides the knowledge of what is broken and the vision of our future reformed system.

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ISBN: 978-1-4620-0389-1 (pbk)

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ISBN: 978-1-4620-0387-7 (ebk)


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